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Most Recent Webinar: Tuesday, April 08, 2014; 2:00 - 3:30PM EST
Topic: New Developments in EM&V
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EM&V Resource List: End-Use Energy Efficiency Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V) Resources

Energy Efficiency EM&V Webinar Series
These Webinars cover a range of issues and challenges currently faced by
states and their partners working to carry out evaluation activities for
end-use energy efficiency programs. Approaches to evaluation planning are
discussed, along with the role that effective evaluation, measurement, and
verification (EM&V) plays in the achievement of state energy and
environmental policy goals.

This Webinar series is intended primarily for staff from Public Utility
Commissions, State Energy Offices, State Environment Departments, and
non-profits that are getting started with EM&V or seeking to expand and
improve their methods. These Webinars offer an opportunity to engage with
others in similar roles.  Participants are encouraged to invite key
evaluation stakeholders in their jurisdictions - such as utilities,
evaluation consultants, and other affected parties - to participate.

For more information contact Nikolaas Dietsch via email or at 202-343-9299.
Past Webinar Topics
April 2014: New Developments in EM&V
January 2014: Energy Efficiency Cost-Effectiveness Testing
November 2013: State, Regional and National Energy Efficiency Forecasting
September 2013: Sources of EE Program Savings for Air Regulators
December 2012: New Guide on Energy Efficiency Program Evaluation - Calculating Energy and Emissions Impacts
September 2012: Energy Efficiency Program Deemed Savings and Technical Reference Manuals
August 2012:  Documenting Avoided Emissions from Energy Efficiency Projects
May 2012: Status and Emerging Issues for States
March 2012: Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Codes and Standards
January 2012: A Top-down Approach to Evaluating Efficiency Impacts
November 2011: Evaluating the Non-Energy Benefits of End-Use Efficiency Programs
September 2011: Energy Efficiency Measurement and Verification (M&V) Basics for State Officials
June 2011: Evaluation, Measurement and Verification for Behavior Programs.  
April 2011: Evaluation, Measurement and Verification for Demand Response Programs.
February 2011: Incorporating the Efficiency Resource into State and Regional Energy Resource Plans - Challenges and Opportunities for EM&V
December 2010: What the Smart Grid Means for Energy Efficiency and EM&V: Opportunities and Challenges For States
September 2010: Budgeting for EM&V: Balancing Cost with Certainty of Results
June 2010: Evaluating Market Transformation Programs
April 2010: Understanding Net Savings
January 2010: Planning Evaluations For Ratepayer-Funded EE Programs
November 2009: Getting Started with EM&V – Key Steps, Resources,  and Examples

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